Petting Your Cat Too Much Might Make Him Hate You! Woah!

Cats are probably the best animals at communicating what they absolutely don’t like.  When it comes to petting, one of the most basic interactions that a pet-owner participates in with ther furry pals, they tend to very enigmatic as to what caresses to accept.

If you are first time cat owner and are having trouble getting your little one to open up listen to what this man has to teach you.  Jackson Galaxy is a vlogger and cat enthusiast who makes frequent appearances on his YouTube channel to debunk cat myths and help us dimwitted humans understands the complex behaviors of our four-legged friends. In one of his videos, he addresses one of the many annoyances of our kitties: excessive petting.

Many of us are probably feeling guilty about our overattentive and smothering behavior towards our cats. Maybe even falling into Elvira territory, no cat likes this! Galaxy says that stroking them beyond what they are comfortable with, however good our intentions, stresses them out. He suggests to show your hand or finger to your cat for him to show you (if he is in the mood for it) where exactly he wants to be petted!

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