Man Makes Heartbreaking Christmas Advert For Just £50 and Viewers Say It’s BETTER Than John Lewis

Phillip Beastall from England - Christmas Video

In this day and age, there are the tools available to make meaningful messages without spending a significant sum of money. However, a unique idea is needed.

An amateur filmmaker, Phillip Beastall from England, has shared his homemade Christmas video that was created with a budget of just 50 bucks and it touches the hearts of everyone.

Emotional £50 Budget Christmas Advert - Sky NewsMost productions like McDonald’s just-released Christmas card cost millions to produce. Likewise, the release of the much anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert is a yearly landmark in the festive calendar. It was launched last week, starring Elton John, and cost the company $8.9 million.

But the homemade Christmas film you are about to watch transcends them all.  The title is “Love is a Gift.”

It features a solitary man getting ready for Christmas by decorating the tree and crossing off his calendar, marking the days.  Then on Christmas Eve, he climbs in bed, and after a few minutes of soulful-stirring reflection, and goes to sleep in solemn anticipation of the next day.

On Christmas day, he takes out a Sony Walkman and a box of tapes dating from 2005. The audio is his mother’s voice wishing him a Happy Christmas. It soon becomes clear that his mother has left her son one message to listen to every Christmas.

Then he comes to her last tape. Her message? You’ll have to watch the video. It hits home hard, but his mother’s words ring true.

This simple but powerful video has been shared millions of times this season. The sentiment of the video affirms the power of a mother’s love at Christmas.