Photo Bomb! This Adorable Baby Elephant Steals The Show When They Start Recording!

All animals probably enjoy a bit of attention. God knows that we, humans, are definitely guilty of that sin! However, this charismatic model turned out to be a baby elephant! He definitely proves that not only people can be hams when it comes to a camera rolling. He can’t help but want to be the center of attention and steals the show!

He parades in front of the lenses quite effectively charming the camera guy and all the spectators. He was born for showbiz!  It reminds me of my little nephew clowning around as soon as he saw anyone get out the video camera in the family reunions! The irony the rest of herd is oblivious to the little ones theatrics and continue to graze. No doubt not the show man that this little guy is.. He certainly did set himself apart from the rest of the herd!

Videos like this are great for the soul, it definitely lets me start my day with a light heart!  Please share this adorable clip with all of your friends and family! It’ll be sure to put a smile on their faces as well, this baby elephant is truly an amazing star!

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