This Photographer Had An Amazing Experience in Uganda! You Won’t Believe His Incredible Luck!

Photographers are some of bravest and daring creative professionals. They are able to freeze a moment forever, they have the power to evoke memories on command. Most of them really get out of their comfort zone in search of that perfect subject.

In the case of the following photographer, his perfect subject came in the form of several wild gorillas. John ventured to Uganda with his friends in order to observe and photograph wild Mountain Gorillas. Little did they know, they were about to embark on the experience of a lifetime. Although they were accompanied by an experienced guide, no one could have predicted that they would get so close to the wild gorillas.

In the video below, John’s friend is recording on the camera. He comes across John surrounded by wild gorillas. Seeing the clip I was afraid for John as there is an adult male Silverback gorilla inches away from him. The male gorilla observes John, and it’s clear that he could easily hurt John if he felt threatened. Luckily, John sat there patiently and did not flinch or do anything to threaten the gorilla.

Then something remarkable happens. A family of gorillas approaches John. The females and children get close, and some even touch John and try to groom him!

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