Photographer Dresses Up Rescue Dog In Suit. I Couldn’t Believe The Reaction The Photo Got.

Running a shelter, kill- or no-kill, is really tough. People tend to look at the dogs that are there as being inferior as opposed to the ones that are at breeders. That’s a very wrong-headed assessment, since many of these dogs are worthy of a great home because of the love that they are capable of giving. Well, this video shows that there’s one person out there who’s willing to try to tilt the scales in the dog’s favor…

We see Arkansas photographer Tammy Swarek dressing up a lot of rescue dogs into various costumes. We see lady dogs in dresses and ornate hats and we see male dogs in business suits. It’s a really creative idea and the woman that runs this particular shelter says that the dogs that are photographed tend to get adopted really quickly. It makes them look a lot more fun and worthy of being picked.

There’s one dog that they showed that had been shot twice in the head. At first, I was like… “Oh, man… poor dog. Wait… I can see THROUGH THAT DOG’S HEAD!” The dog healed, amazingly, and the photo session really helped him get adopted quickly. I don’t know if it would have been that fast if that didn’t occur. This is a brilliant idea that can really help a lot of dogs get homes that might not otherwise.

I usually scoff when ideas are mimicked by a lot of places. If there’s one TV show that’s successful, then a lot of networks use the same themes. This is something that I wouldn’t mind a lot of shelters trying out. It could help them and it could help a lot of dogs as well. So, if you live in an area where there’s a lot of dogs in a shelter and you’re an aspiring or professional photographer, you could lend your skills to a worthy cause.

Isn’t this a great idea? I hope it catches on. Would you adopt one of these dogs after seeing a picture like that? Do you have any costume suggestions? Tell us in the comments section!

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