Photographer Is Terribly Scared Of Pit Bulls. Then She Looks At The Picture She Took And Realizes…

When professional photographer Sophie Gamand looks at a Pit Bull dog, like many others, she sees only one thing: danger. Like lots of other people all around the world, Sophie has become extremely scared of this breed of dogs because of their strength and the vicious nature that they can acquire, like any other animal, after being raised in unjust and cruel conditions.

These false stereotypes put Pit Bull’s lives at risk in a much more dangerous level than the average dog, and this is just a horrible predicament for them. But thanks to amazing videos like the one below, that give a new and more realistic perspective of this incredible breed of dogs; the paradigm may shift, little by little. It all started when Sophie Gamand started to actually interact with the dogs, and she was pleasantly surprised!

After meeting Pit Bulls face to face, knowing their stories, and seeing how they are with her own eyes, she’s realized that they’re actually a very noble and misunderstood type of dog. Knowing that it’s important to make a difference through actions, she started a project in which she does photoshoots with Pit Bulls from shelters so that the world can have a look of how the dogs really are.

You can watch her story and lots of her material in the video right below!

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