Photographer Is Terrified Of Pit Bulls, But Then She Looks At The Picture She Took And Understands

Sophie Gamand, a professional photographer, used to look at Pit Bulls and, like so many other people, feel scared and sense danger. This reaction to Pit Bulls is common everywhere because of the lack of understanding people have about this breed. Sophie became like many people all over the world who were afraid of this breed because of its reputation for being extremely strong and likely to attack, like any animal would if they were treated cruelly and raised in violent, terrifying conditions. Pit Bulls are what their owners make them out to be. Unfortunately, many owners use these physically strong animals for very wrong reasons.

This negative stereotype actually puts a Pit Bull’s life at risk to much a higher degree than other breeds, and this a really terrible thing for this wonderful breed of dog. Fortunately, because of videos like this one, people are seeing another side to this intelligent breed, a more realistic side. Videos like these are slowly changing people’s opinions about Pit Bulls. This shift of opinion started for Sophie when she actually began to interact with the dogs and boy was she surprised!

Once she interacted with the Pit Bulls, got to know them and learned their histories, she understood that they are actually an intelligent and loving breed if raised properly. So she took action and started photographing Pit Bulls from shelters in order to make people aware of the wonderful personalities of these dogs and how loyal they can be. Her aim was to change the stereotype and help this misunderstood breed.

Watch her story and see her photos in the video right below!

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