Pianist Dogs Put On An Amazing Show For The Residents Of A Retirement Home. AMAZING!

Everyone has seen a dog do a cool trick on video at least once. They’re a very common type of video, and some dog breeds are capable of doing shocking feats because of their athletic bodies and amazing capacity to learn thanks to their humans. However, I’m sure that you’ve never seen anything like what is shown just a few scrolls down. A pair of golden retrievers, who are named Temper and Curious, perform an incredible trick that they love to do while visiting retirement homes, so that the elder people there could have a nice musical time.

Along with their human guide, they can play songs in a special piano made for them to receive a treat at the end. I’ve never seen dogs that had musical aptitude, but what these amazing pups do is unlike anything that I’ve ever seen yet. They must have had practiced that routine with their caretaker for ages, and the audience surely appreciates them very much, as they all love the performance this puppers made. They’re all adorable!

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