Pianist plays healing music for aging cats

Most people assume humans are the only animals who appreciate fine arts like music. But this feline piano aficionado proved that cats share our love of a soothing, melodic tune.

If you have watched a Studio Ghibli movie before, you know how easily this company’s films evoke emotions in viewers. This is in no small part a result of the soundtrack.

The movie Howl’s Moving Castle is no exception to this rule. This award-winning film was loosely based on a book by Diana Wynne Jones of the same name. It is stirring and sweeping and beautiful.

All those qualities are present in the film’s gorgeous theme song, “Merry-go-round of Life.” That was the song this skilled pianist and cat parent decided to play for his sleepy gray fur baby.

But this was more than an auditory experience for this lucky kitty. When the pianist started playing, this cat was relaxing on the wooden hammers of the piano. So she got a massage while she listened.

The content cat was not only a receptive listener. She was also part of the performance. Whenever the pianist came to a rest, he would prolong it to give his feline muse a pet or a “boop” on the nose.

Eventually, the sibling of the gray cat decided to join in on the fun. Watch this talented pianist serenade his pampered pets with this piano rendition of a Studio Ghibli classic. It is sure to impress musicians and cat lovers alike.

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Pianist plays healing music for aging cats