See the Spectacle That Simon Cowell Called, “One of the Most Incredible Things I’ve Ever Seen On the Show”

Once, perhaps twice in a lifetime, we are witness to a spectacle that is so sensational that it boggles the mind and makes us question our place in the universe. This act is one of them.

You are about to meet a musical genius the likes of which the world has never seen before. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the one and only “Jokgu”. For the record, she is a chicken.

When you watch this video, if you’re confused when two nice ladies, introducing their pet chicken Jokgu, you’re not alone. I know I was. The judges looked quite bewildered when Shannon Myers and Seiree Arii walked onstage with Jokgu, as you’ll see.

The pair share Jokgu’s backstory with us and we find out how her intended career path of gardener’s assistant was diverted for stardom when she displayed her incredible musical talents.

“The whole bird-brained thing is completely false”, says Shannon as she lovingly strokes her pet’s feathers. Listening to these two gush is like listening to proud parents beam over their children’s achievements. “She picked it up very quickly, she’s very intelligent”, said Seiree about her keyboard skills.

Pay attention to the judges’ faces as the trio takes the stage. They’re not quite sure what to think of this act. When the pair introduces Jokgu and announces that she will be playing “America The Beautiful” on the keyboard, Simon offers a, “Well, good luck”, punctuated by a smirk.

Neither the judges or the audience were amused as Jokgu turned in circles, looking lost in front of the keyboard. A chorus of boos began to rise from the audience and I just knew the sound of the buzzer was coming any second.

Honestly though folks, who boos a chicken? I mean, come on now.

The crowd fell silent when Jokgu plucked out those first few notes and were on their feet applauding before we even got to the purple mountains majesty.

The audience members weren’t the only ones amazed by this unusual talent.

“THAT is what I call talent,” said the show’s host, Tyra Banks.

“When you feel like you’ve just seen it all, you have a chicken playing the song, I can’t believe it”, exclaimed Heidi Klum.

Simon Cowell called the act, “one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen on any of these shows”.

At that moment, along with winning over the judges and the hearts of America, Jokgu poised herself to advance in the competition, won over the hearts of America and became an overnight viral sensation.

Judge, Howie Mandel, asks what we all want to know, when he poses the query, “What makes one think, oh we have a chicken, let’s get a piano?”

This is when we find out that Jokgu is one of many musical chickens owned by the pair. Their feathered friends make up what may be the country’s only all chicken band, The Flockstars.

Jokgu’s internet fame was almost overnight and has inspired some of the funniest comments on YouTube. Here are some of my favorites.

From one humorous viewer, “1987: Wow I bet in 30 years well have flying cars. 2017: chicken learns to play the keyboard”

This witty comment made me chuckle. “Who said this wasn’t the land of opportunity? If a CHICKEN can make it…maybe you need to rethink your life over.”

“This chicken is already getting way farther in life than I probably ever will”, joked another commenter.

Check out one of the most amazing acts to ever hit the stage of “America’s Got Talent”. Tell us what you think about Jokgu in the comments below. Have you seen something more incredible than a piano-playing chicken? I’ve GOT to hear about it.

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