He Picks Up A Baby Deer, But When He Tries To Put Him Back Down? The Reaction Is HILARIOUS!

The construction workers in the video were clearing a path for the electric lines when they came across a little fawn. The poor guy was trapped in the fall path of a tree they were about to trim. The deer was tangled in some thorns and was pretty shaken up when they cut him loose, so they decided to calm him down by rubbing his belly. But you will not be expecting THIS reaction from the deer for sure!

The deer is really happy to be there with his rescuers and it is pretty clear that he is spoiled by this short encounter! The poor baby deer followed them around their job site like lost puppy for about an hour, until one of the workers noticed a doe watching them from the hillside. They assumed it was his mother, so they carried him about halfway up the hill while she watched attentively.

They sat him down and he ran straight to her after which the mama and the baby walked off together. What a relief, I’m sure. I would never have thought to calm a baby deer by rubbing its belly, but it sure does seem to enjoy it, and what about that guy holding the deer? How awesome is he for taking time out to rescue the fawn and calm it down? No wonder the deer didn’t want to leave him!

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