This Piglet Needed A Little Help And Care To Help Her Get Through Her Childbirth.

John and Molly Chester’s life was forever changed when they brought a pig onto their farm.
Emma the pig was very sickly when she came to the farm. When she became pregnant the vet said that she would be lucky if she birthed more than 6 piglets.

Emma outdid herself when she came to term and birthed 17 piglets, 13 of which would survive to adulthood. But along with the good news of the pitter patter of tiny pig trotters, Emma became very ill, suffering from a fever of 102oF.

To protect the piglets from catching the disease that plagued Emma, John separated the new Mom from her babies. This sent Emma onto an even worse trajectory. Emma would not eat, and became increasingly more ill. In a last ditch effort, John brought the 13 piglets back to Emma to see if they improved her constitution.

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