Pink Admits She Has A HUGE Thing For Johnny Depp… Now Watch Her Reaction On Live TV!

You all know Alicia Beth Moore, well maybe you recognize the name Pink a little more. The singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress has won countless awards, and produced such hits as There You Go, Most Girls, Get The Party Started, and Don’t Let Me Get Me. Pink has always been a great role model for young girls, standing for love, positivity, self-confidence, and being real.

Pink has earned a reputation as being very outspoken and she is certainly not shy at all. Recently Pink appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and we  got a look at a very unknown side of her when she copped to having a huge crush on Jonny Depp and Michael Keaton!

Pink further pointed out that she previously ran into Michael Keaton at a restaurant, and proceeded to dodge him by hiding under a table and sneaking out. She also ran into Jonny Depp and was in the process of dodging him as well when her husband made her confront and meet the actor. No one would of guessed that Pink turns into a cute little school girl when she is in front of her crushes in person.

Jimmy Kimmel set things up for Jonny Depp to blind side Pink in the middle of the interview. Take a look at the video below to see her priceless reaction and share your comments as well as this video clip

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