Pink baby elephant and her adoptive sister play in the sand

Timisa and Khanyisa

Adine Roode is a managing director and owner of Jabulani. It is an orphanage for elephants with a unique structure, creating an adoptive family for the young elephants or herds of elephants.

Elephant Orphanage South Africa, also known as HERD, is a rehabilitation center for orphaned elephants. They get a new family and get a unique chance in life to live happily.

The orphanage is located adjacent to the Jabulani Herd stable, which is on the Kapama Private Reserve. This orphanage allows a young baby elephant to get integrated into the herd and help them grow.

Timisa and Khanyisa

Timisa and Khanyisa are two orphan baby elephants who are now a part of a herd. They are now growing under the supervision of their friends and adult elephants in the pack.

Timisa is also close to another elephant named Pisa, and both of them are famous for their independent attitude. They are fond of leading the herd but still like to play with each other.

Sometimes they like giving each other sand baths. Khanyisa and Timisa have a lot of fun while playing in the sand. However, after their playtime is over, they splash water. As Khanyisa is an albino elephant, she appears to be really pink.

It is fantastic to see how their herd helps them break the branches as they are still young and have a less efficient trunk. However, they are learning how to navigate through the world slowly but steadily.

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