Pint-sized dwarf dog finds a loving home with doggy siblings

Dwarf dog

Years ago, newborn puppy Dottie was a special dog looking for her forever home. And when her breeder found out about Casey Walters and her partner who run the New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue Center, he thought they would be the perfect fit.

Dwarf dogs

Immediately, Casey and her partner fell in love with the little Dottie, who was very small but had a big personality. As time went on, the couple thought Dottie would grow, but she never did.

When they took her to the vet, they found out why. Along with many other medical difficulties, Dottie was diagnosed with dwarfism. But nothing changed for Dottie, who still plays with the other dogs without a care in the world.


Under Casey and her partner’s care, Dottie even found herself an adoptive mother, Pepper the chihuahua. Since she first arrived, Pepper has taken Dottie under her care, giving her morning kisses and standing up for her if the other dogs get too rough.

A few years into fostering Dottie, the couple found out that Dottie’s biological mother was being retired from breeding. Without a second thought, the two of them adopted Dottie’s mother, Emily.

Dwarf dog

Despite bravely facing multiple health challenges in addition to her dwarfism, Dottie is a happy girl. She seems to charm everyone she meets, whether they like dogs or not.

Today, Dottie lives a peaceful life surrounded by a family that loves and adores her. “Her size doesn’t limit her,” said Casey. “She’s a huge part of our family. I love her.”

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Pint-sized dwarf dog finds a loving home with doggy siblings