Pit Bull Does Amazing Thing To Save Deaf Teen From Fire. This Story Is Absolutely Incredible.

There certainly has been no shortage of heroic pets. For centuries, dogs have protected their families from all kinds of danger. Once they have bonded with the people that they consider mommy and daddy, it’s like they are a pack and NOTHING will hurt members of the pack. They will attack burglars, ward off any other animal that might be thinking of attacking, or as this video shows, get them out of any dangerous situations.

This particular rescue is astounding – it involved a pit bull getting a deaf teenager out of a deadly situation. What happened was that the dog, Ace, woke Jake Lamb up by licking his face over and over. If you’ve had this happen with your pooch, you know that you’re going to be groggy at first, perhaps annoyed, since you presume the dog wants to go for a walk. Well, Ace wasn’t stopping, and Jake suddenly realized that there was smoke billowing through his house.

Grabbing his cochlear implants, both he and Ace got out of the house as fast as humanly possible. The fire soon swept through the rest of the house, turning it into a moldering shell of what it used to be. Fortunately, everyone in the family was outside. Losing a home is one thing, but possibly losing a child is another. The Lamb family surely counted their blessings that night. This whole situation would have been tragic if Ace wasn’t there.

I hope that Ace’s family put him on a pedestal for the next few weeks. No limit on treats and belly rubs. He could sleep wherever he wants, and if it happened to be on someone’s head… they would tolerate it. I think that probably happened, since Jake even said something at the end of the video: “We love Ace… even more.” Here’s another example of how pit bulls are actually good family dogs.

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