A Pit Bull Approached This Giant Horse And They Immediately Hit It Off

The internet is filled with many different types of friendship videos, and interspecies friendships among animals is not a new concept anymore. I am sure you have seen a lot of unusual animal friends on the Internet these days. However, this adorable duo featured is unusual for sure, but they are going to make you feel good nonetheless! You are going to be in awe when you see the love they have for each other, even though they make quite the odd couple.

Fortunately for us, these two are quite entertaining when they are together and their owners recognize this and take the time to record their antics while they play with each other. Herbie is a pit bull who defies all stereotypes of this particular breed, and who somehow managed to make friends with Jabby, a standard-bred horse. Herbie is quite tiny compared to the huge horse, but the size and breeding doesn’t matter when these best friends hang out together. And the way Jabby reacts to Herbie’s visit is so cute. Jabby gets so excited when her playmate arrives. Their adoration for one another quite clearly expressed by their reaction to each other, isn’t it?

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