Pit Bull Brought To Vet Ranch Nearly Starved To Death. You Will LOVE His Transformation.

One thing I love about animals, dogs especially, is that many of them, despite the worst treatment ever, will retain their sweet and loving side for those that do wind up being nice to them. They manage to retain their spirit for FAR longer than many people would in the same situation. Even starving dogs seem to realize that there are people there to help them. Like the one we see here.

The video opens in the Vet Ranch exam room. Dr. Karri has Calvin, a pit bull who was starved and possibly abused. He loves Dr. Karri… partly because she’s feeding him treats, but he’s so sweet and loving. They do some blood work to rule out things like cancer and other things that might point to dramatic weight loss. They all come back negative and Dr. Karri sends him to a foster home and they are to spoil him with love and TONS of food.

Calvin’s transformation is ASTOUNDING. In one week, he goes from being emaciated to having his weight doubled. He’s also the same sweet, spirited dog that we see in the beginning of the video. Dr. Karri even says then that his spirit was not broken and the TLC that he gets from the foster family is HUGE for him. A month later, he’s 65 pounds, happy and his foster family has made their home his forever home. What a fantastic ending.

One of the reasons that I posted this is because Vet Ranch is one of the best channels out there for animal lovers. These vets truly care about the dogs and cats that are placed in their stewardship and they do their utmost best to get these animals placed into forever care. That’s why it’s worth getting past the uncomfortable beginning to get to the reward at the end. Calvin’s transformation is worth viewing.

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