Pit bull Caught On Camera Being Abandoned Is Adopted 30 Minutes After Arriving At Shelter

There are a lot of pets abandoned every day in streets and alleys all over the country. Cities and states have gotten stricter with their penalties for these actions. In the case of pets that have not been neutered yet, they also pose an additional threat. Stray dogs are a health risk in many locations. The reasons for abandoning a pet are several. The most common is not being able to care for the pet anymore. Instead of looking to place the pet in a loving home, many people just throw them to the streets.

Other reasons include not being able to handle the pet. There are people who buy certain breeds because they possess a feature they like. For instance, some people get a St. Bernard because they look cute. Especially when they are puppies. What they don’t consider is the massive size they can grow. Besides taking up more space they also eat a lot more food than smaller breeds.

Another reason is not being able to handle the animal anymore. There are certain breeds like huskies for example, who need a lot of exercises. Sure, they look all fluffy and cozy, but, this breed was created to be a working dog. If the dog doesn’t get the exercise he or she needs, he will find things in the house to give him some sort of challenge and exercise. Other breeds like the Pitbull are even more stigmatized.

First, this breed needs a lot of exercises. Some people get a pit bull hoping to get the behavior and energy of a Basset hound. It just doesn’t work that way. When they realize all the work they must put in it, they tend to give up and abandon the dog. When this happens, we start to see more pit bull strays in the street. Most of the time, these dogs are not neutered on time. Many states have regulations on this, and fines for the violators.

A dog in Kansas City, Missouri was abandoned in the street. The owners opened the door of the vehicle, kicked the dog out, and left the scene. The good news is, hidden cameras caught everything on film. When this animal was located, it turned out he hadn’t been neutered. Because of the hidden cameras, they could find the owner and give him any charges including one charge for not neutering the dog which goes against state regulations. Things were only going to get better for the dog.

The pit bull was named Mojave. After getting in and receiving a checkup, he was neutered. A couple was visiting the adoption center at about the same time. When they looked at Mojave they fell in love. Mojave was adopted only 30 minutes after being taken in. That must be some sort of record! Click on the video to find out the story.