Pit Bull Comes Towards A Gigantic Horse & Does What? I Still Can’t Believe What I Saw

The internet is saturated with cute animal videos. We have seen all sorts of unusual animals and the pair featured in this clip is no exception. These two are no doubt going to steal your heart. Just look at the love they share!

This is Herbie and Jabby. Herbie is a tiny little pit bull and Jabby is a full sized standard-bred horse. Herbie will often take time out of his busy day to visit his best friend. He is absolutely tiny compared to the massive Jabby, yet differences hardly matter when they spend time hanging out. Jabby’s reaction to Herbie’s coming to visit is really something else! So gentle and soothing to the small pooch. These two really adore each other.

We see that Jabby is in his stall with only a small rope that will stop him from walking out into the stable. Herbie comes to see him and his energy skyrockets! He’s an amazing little white pit bull puppy with lots of love to give. He then calms down and sits while Jabby places his head down and cuddles him and just rests his head. Awwwww.

When Jabby stands up, Herbie goes a bit nuts again. But pretty soon Jabby can’t help but come back down to puppy level. Of course the song “Puppy Love” is the perfect match to this video.

Now check these two out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments. Please share the funny and heartwarming clip with your friends and family.