Pit Bull Helps Baby Read His Book. Their Interaction Is Pure Gold


Dogs and kids make for a great video opportunity, but having large dogs with them? That is video platinum, and this compilation certainly proves it. It’s over five minutes long, but it seems to just fly by. The videos pair some really happy, adorable kids with dogs that have hearts even larger than their enormous bodies. I can’t even pick just one moment – you need to see the whole thing.

These dogs are all having some serious fun with the little ones. One of them even tries to see what one of the kiddie toys is like, and another is trying to help the baby read his cloth book. They are extraordinarily gentle since they seem to have an idea of what their size is in comparison to the baby and that any quick motion could actually knock the little one over. I hope they get a lot of pats and scratches from mommy or daddy.

We see all kinds of large dogs, ranging from Dobermans to Pit Bulls to St. Bernards to many other breeds. They all dwarf the little babies that they are keeping company. Of course, either the mommy or daddy is in the room. These moments don’t record themselves, and they must be ready at an instant if anything went south. All these dogs are giant mushes, though, so there’s no need to worry.

The most common thread in this video is that all these giant dogs adore these babies more than words can express. They gaze at them with such love. Well, maybe the one who had the baby pulling on his gums and muzzle might have been mildly annoyed that his nap was interrupted, but even then he knew that it was a baby and he kept any angry reaction well in check. This compilation was from 2015. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for 2016.

Pit Bull Helps Baby Read His Book. Their Interaction Is Pure Gold