This Pit Bull Was Found After Being Abused In Dog Fighting. Watch Her Amazing Recovery!

Not everyone is responsible when it comes to having pets. Even though having dogs for fighting and hosting fight pits is completely illegal, there are many people who still participate in these awful rings even today. Many pit bulls are kept in horrible conditions and eventually die because of this “business”. In the video we featured below, you’ll meet Precious, a cute Pitty who was used as bait in these fighting rings. Her story and eventual transformation will leave you shocked.

For those who, luckily, don’t know about dog fighting rings, a bait dog is basically used as a punching bag for other dogs to “practice”, and so that they become fiercer when they eventually fight. So, when they found Precious on the streets, you can imagine the horrible state she was in. She was very skinny from lack of food, bleeding, and laying down lifelessly. Thankfully, they found her in time to save her. The healing and recovery process was long and difficult, but she eventually pulled through, and after two years, she was ready to get adopted and finally get a nice permanent home.

With the help of kind people, even the most hopeless dogs can make it. Watch the video just below, and tell us your thoughts in the comment section. We love to hear you out!

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