Heartwarming moment “fighting” Pit Bull gets new lease on life

Pit Bull

When Betsy first arrived with rescue worker Viktor Larkhill, he and his team weren’t sure if she would survive. Before her arrival, Betsy’s cruel owner had forced the pitbull to participate in dog fights.

Pit Bull

But Betsy knew she was meant for more. A sweet dog at heart, Betsy wanted nothing more than to love and be loved, so she pulled through and was given the second chance she deserved.

The journey wasn’t easy, though. Betsy endured eight operations and underwent months of rehabilitative therapy, but the resilient pup was determined. She never gave up hope, continuing to open up to those around her.

Pit Bull

As she recovered, Betsy continued to inspire those around her with her incredible kindness and forgiveness, and the team determined that she was ready to be put up for adoption.

After undergoing one final round of medical testing, a loving family offered Betsy a wonderful, new place in their home. From the start, Betsy and her new family were a perfect fit.

In her home, Betsy spends her days running around her big lawn and playing with her dog and human siblings in the nearby river. Finally, Betsy has found a place where she can share all the love in her big heart.

Betsy’s story is yet another heartwarming reminder that where a creature comes from doesn’t have to dictate where their life leads. Betsy may have started off as a fighting dog, but she has found her place as a family pet.

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