That Pit-bull Grabs The Ornaments To Decorate The Tree. What The Other Dog Does, I Had Not Seen Coming! OMG!

Whoever thought that the fun of decorating a Christmas tree was only reserved for humans has clearly never met these dogs. When their humans leave the house for a holiday party, they set out to work like little elves. I have never seen this level of intelligence from dogs. They must be trained by Santa himself!

The Pit Bull grabs the ornaments while the Saint Bernard directs the entire staff of Christmas cheer-makers. Who knew that holiday elves could be so … hairy?! In no time at all this dog team has got the tree set up and completely decked. For the finishing touch, they roll out a whole hidden supply of presents and just like that – they made Christmas happen. I have to hand it to these guys, if I let my dogs try and decorate the tree, it would probably just end up toppled over on the floor.

Watch these marvelously trained decorators in the video below. Be sure to leave us your thoughts on their level of skill and coordination in the comments section.

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