This Pit Bull Isn’t Allowed On The Bed. His Mom Got Suspicious And Set Up A Hidden Camera…

Couches, easy chairs, beds, and other well-padded furniture is first and foremost designed for use by people. Naturally, something we find comfortable might also appeal to our pets. They see us using it, so why can’t they? Sometimes people try to train their pets not to hop onto this or that piece of furniture. Fur can get all over the place, claws can do damage, and occasionally little “accidents” happen. It may be impossible to train a cat not to hang out somewhere it really wants to. Even if the cat stays off the furniture when you’re there, you know perfectly well what will happen once your back is turned. But a dog — now there’s an obedient pet! If you train your dog not to jump up on furniture, you can be sure Fido never will, even when you’re not there. Right?

One pit bull’s human mom suspected that he might be violating his standing orders to stay off the bed. So one day, she set up a camera to record what did or didn’t happen while she was out. We’ve posted the hilarious surveillance video below for you.

At the beginning of the video, we see the bed, empty except for a cat perched on it. After mom leaves, the handsome gray and white pit bull comes into the room to look around. He takes a little bit of time to make sure the coast really is clear. Then he hops up on the bed! After sniffing around, he suddenly goes completely bonkers, jumping and rolling around like a maniac. He’s having the time of his life, thoroughly enjoying this forbidden fruit. The cat’s attitude seems to be “I’ve seen this before. The storm will pass.”

We don’t know if the dog faced any disciplinary consequences. It’s entirely possible his human mom thought it was so funny she let him off with a friendly warning.

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