This Pit Bull Was Kidnapped And Trapped In A Dog Fighting Ring Until This Happened! I’m In Tears!

This is one moving story. In December of 2013 Nina Louise, a beautiful pit bull, was lost from her loving family in Bennettsville, SC. Her owner, April Morris, for two years thought she was lost and gone when she saw something astonishing on the television.

Her dog had been stolen and was held in a dog fighting ring clan that used her to train other dogs to fight. They can safely guess this from all the scratches on Nina Louise’s face. April saw her dog on T.V. and immediately got in contact with the shelter and was reunited with her dog. When she saw Nina Louise she quickly noticed that Nina was pregnant!

Nina Louise is now being nursed into full health and is nursing her eight pups as well. Share this remarkable story with your friends and let us know your thoughts below!

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