Pit Bull Loves Yard Work, His Amazing Landscaping Skills Shine Bright!

We all have had goals or dreams, of what we want to be and what we want to do. Sometimes we are lucky and get to live out those dreams. Sometimes we just want to be or do something so bad that nothing will hold back our passion. We find this is true in so many cases, that it should almost be fact. Michael Jordan wanted to be a basketball player and never quit. He worked hard until he became an acclaimed, house hold name. If anyone listened to someone telling them they couldn’t, then chances are they didn’t get a chance to live that dream. The wisdom of our elders can take place of our wants and needs. This isn’t the case for Elwood.

Yet, when it comes to dogs having goals, the results and actions taken and needed to be taken are a bit different. Elwood is one rescued Pit bull who seems to desperately want to be a landscaper of sorts. He’s had previous moments shared with us that seemed to indicate, this was what he was born to do. This is what he was put on this planet to be. Most dogs love chewing things they aren’t supposed to, but when it comes to trees and landscaping, one pit bull takes on any job. In this edition of his amazing story we see him come face to face with a pine tree. The reaction from owner and Elwood? Is something of magic and joy.

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