This pit bull might be the happiest dog in the world! Watch as he plays on the bed!

Loco ball loves playing with his sisters. And everybody loves jumping on a mattress. Watch as this pit bull jumps around on the mattress with these little girls. The dog loves to bounce higher and higher each time. You will be hard pressed to find a dog who is happier than Loco the pit bull.

This incredibly playful dog can barely contain his excitement. You can see the enjoy he is experiencing by being involved with his sisters’ play. If your day needs a little me up then watch this video and you’re guaranteed to smile on your face.

It’s obvious that this hilarious pup has a talent of personality and lots spending time with his little girls. People often misunderstand the breed and think that these dogs are aggressive, but as this video shows it really years all about training them to be great family dogs.

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