Pit Bull Mother And Puppy Stuck On The Streets, Transformation Is Jaw Dropping

Being homeless is a serious problem all over. To not have enough money for food, shelter, healthcare- these things will mess with other aspects of your life. There are some other aspects that are even more tragic. Dogs, cats, or other animals that become homeless or abandoned have no understanding of money and currency. They have no way of implementing a method to buy food, to buy or rent shelter, so we must keep a close eye for those unable to take care of themselves.

Such is the case with AJ and Tuttle. AJ, short for Apple Jacks is the mother of Tuttle. They have both been living on the streets for quite some time and fortunately for them have been rescued by the Vets Rescue. When both were rescued, the mother, AJ, had had a skin infection. Since she was also taking care of her small puppy Tuttle, she unfortunately passed it on to her child. Her young baby Tuttle was also afflicted with the same skin infection that had been bothering mama.

Yet when Vet Rescue comes along and tries to help them the transformation they make, the relieve both the hounds must feel, and the general change in demeanor, posture, and facial expression blew me away. I couldn’t believe the difference. It was practically day and night. When you see the two react to the care and love they’ve always needed but never had, I’m sure you will shed a few tears yourself. I know I sure did when I saw the before and after.

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