Pit Bull Puppy Brought To Vet With Seizures And Fever. This Is A Very Fascinating Video!

One of the most fascinating aspects of medical shows – both real and fictional – is how they can take a seemingly disparate list of symptoms and possible causes and narrow everything down to a (usually) correct diagnosis. What’s even more amazing is that they can do this under the pressure cooker of the possible impending death of the patient if they can’t get it right quickly. Years of medical school and exhaustive study combine to make them medical detectives. That’s why I found this Vet Ranch video so fascinating.

Dr. Karri has a baby pit bull named Fawkes who was sent over from a shelter. He’s a very sick puppy, with a very high fever and he’s experiencing seizures. Since a high fever in a tiny body like that is very dangerous, Dr. Karri has to get down to the bottom of what is causing this issue. Like Hugh Laurie’s Gregory House, she favors a white board to write down possible causes of Fawkes illness. They include anemia, foreign body in stomach, liver problems, virus, and possible trauma.

As the video continues, she crosses off each option as each test result comes in. Fawkes also starts slowly, but surely recovering as he’s getting tested. Finally, the last option is what it turns out to be – there was some kind of trauma, though it’s unknown exactly what happened. Unfortunately, though his health is improving… Fawkes is blind. He seems to be just fine with that… he seems to know that he’s lucky to be alive.

If this were an episode like“House”, there would be a moment where the camera suddenly panned on Dr. Karri’s face as she had a eureka moment. Real life doesn’t work like that, though, and there are medical mysteries that will remain unsolved. Though Fawkes is relatively healthy, the true nature of the trauma that caused his seizures will be unknown. Hopefully, he will still wind up in a loving home.

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