This Pit Bull Puppy Runs Over With A Traffic Cone. But Watch The Horses Reaction!

Animals have a lot to teach us, especially in regards to being a loyal friend. Of course, not every single animal in the world acts friendly towards everyone that they meet, but for the most part, they get along amongst themselves far better than people to on their own. As you probably have seen in some of the other videos that we have shared with you, beautiful friendships can happen in nature.

The touching video below shows how the friendship between a dog and a horse developed in the most adorable way, in the farm that they live in. It’s called The Mendes Ranch, and it’s a home for many domestic animals who live each other happily and in peace, and the pit bull puppy in the clip has a particular fondness for his horse friend.

In the clip, you can see how Jasmine, the dog, runs towards a big Mustang horse carrying one of his favorite toys, a huge orange traffic cone that is almost as big as the dog itself. And the horse responds perfectly, excited to play with his doggy friend. They seem to be best friends, and it’s amazing.

Watch this beautiful horse and dog friendship for yourself in the video right below, you’ll love them!

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