This Pit Bull Rescued A Baby Bunny. What He Does Next Will Melt Your Heart! Aww!

You have to love Pit Bulls! When given the tender loving care that they deserve, they are typically so loyal, affectionate and sweet that they wouldn’t dare to even hurt a fly. Sharky, a Pit Bull Terrier, happens to be one of those very sweet dogs.

Sometimes, two very different animals end up becoming unlikely friends! According to Sharky’s owner, Sharky absolutely adores other animals and cares very much about their wellbeing. So much so, that if he sees an animal that he believes needs help or needs to be rescued, he will wait by the small creature and notify his mom until she comes over to help him save it. How precious!

In this video, you’ll see what happens when Sharky rescues a very tiny and very cute cottontail rabbit from his backyard. No vicious and threatening Pit Bull here! Even the tiny little bunny isn’t scared when Sharky’s owner brings the two of them inside to spend some time with one another.

If this precious rescue mission doesn’t make Sharky adorable enough, just wait until you see what he does when kept alone in the house with this little baby bunny. It is the absolute cutest thing! You won’t believe how sweet and attentive he is. What a cute little foster dad Sharky is to his new adopted bunny.

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