Pit Bull Runs Into Forest To Help Daddy Garden. I Couldn’t Believe What He Did Next.

How many of you can say that your pet can help you do your work? If I put one of my cats up here to do my writing, it would turn out like this: sjfifafaj;a fak;afo’a. That’s because cats don’t know how to type. I think they would destroy my pencils and drawing papers too. But there are some that can do that. I’m not talking about a service animal either. Take this pooch that’s doing amazing stuff in this video…

We see Elwood, who is a rescue dog, and his daddy out in a backyard/forest type situation. The two of them are working on clearing bamboo stalks out of the yard – bamboo can hurt other types of growth, so it’s important to get rid of them. Well, Elwood is there to help. He grabs each long stalk and leads it out of the woods and lays it in a growing pile before rushing back to get the next one.

Elwood is SUCH a game worker. He wants to help his daddy so much and he eagerly runs back and forth to grab each successive stalk. The bamboo is also that he loves to gnaw on, given how strong it is. This is good for his teeth, since it massages his gums and other parts too. So, this is a win-win situation for all involved. Daddy gets to clear out the yard – yes, bamboo does exist in New Jersey. I’ve seen it in upstate New York.

I loved the camera angle on some of the shots, especially when it’s from the point of view behind Elwood’s head. It just makes it all the more immersive. I have a feeling that his Daddy is a “Blues Brothers” fan, since the name of his pooch is the name of one of the characters in the movie – the one played by Dan Aykroyd. This pooch doesn’t put on sunglasses and a black fedora, but he steal the show in his own way.

Pit bulls get such a strong rap against them. I’m glad that Elwood was rescued. Have you had a pit bull help you like this? We’d love to hear any stories in the comments section!

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