This Pit Bull Was Set Loose In A Cage Of Baby Chickens. What Happens Next? I’m STUNNED!

There is such a terrible misconception our society that dogs, especially pit bulls, are vicious machines that cannot be stopped. Of course the truth is much simpler, dogs can be made to be vicious if are ill-treated or they are trained to be aggressive.

But in reality dogs themselves are generally happy-go-lucky creatures who are naturally very gentle. If you think about it stands to reason that dog should be gentle. Humankind has bred together dogs to create the ones that best compliment human families. This form of selective breeding has led to dogs which are compliant and caring.

In this video the guy decided to let his pit bull run free in a cage containing newborn chicks and a baby turkey. Unlike the popular consensus, that these chicks had just been served a death sentence, the dog is incredibly gentle and sweet.

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