Pit Bull Spits Out Broccoli After Owner Tries To Sneak Her A Piece

Parents, have your ever tried to sneak vegetables into your kid’s food? I know I have. Sneaky recipes like zucchini pasta or cauliflower mac and cheese are just some of the healthy alternatives parents are relying on to get their kids all the veggies they need. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, but there’s nothing like the sweet victory of watching your child down a full plate of veggies without them knowing they are doing so.

But what about pet parents? After all dogs and cats need their vegetables too, but are they more clever than our kids at figuring out our game plan when it comes to sneaking veggies into their diet?

One pet owner tried the stealth approach to getting her dog to eat a piece of broccoli. In between bites of a “turkey with sweet potato” dog treat, the owner tried to sneak something green into the mix, but the dog was having none of it. Just watch as this pit bull spits out the broccoli. I can just imagine the dog saying, “I don’t think so, honey!”

We all know dogs are smart, but I had no idea they were this smart? This pit bull is one clever pooch and won’t be fooled by any healthy snack!

Lesson learned! Don’t mess with a dog and their snack.

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