Pit Bull Tries Learning To Howl And Keeps Failing. I Felt Bad For Laughing, But It’s Funny!

Howling comes second nature to dogs. I remember my miniature schnauzer howling along with the air raid siren each day. When that thing went off, it was like a cacophony of all the dogs that were on our block howling at once. Forget Three Dog Night… it was more like 20 Dog Night. But not all doggies are blessed with the instinctive ability to howl. Take a look at this pooch in this video do his utmost to howl.

It seems that Kano, a pit bull, hasn’t gotten the hang of howling. His mommy is playing a video of a dog howling to help him try to do it. He’s more than game, but every time he throws his head back, out comes a… not-howl. It’s all his mommy can do to not laugh too loud at the sounds that come out. He even furrows his brows in concentration several times before his next futile attempt.

Kano looks over at his mommy a couple of times like, “I’m trying… OK?” He cocks his head to the side as if he’s trying to identify the pitch of the howl and then he tries to replicate it. Yeah, it’s a good thing he’s not in the wild, since all the other animals there would probably fall over laughing at him. At least he’s being a good sport about it here, and his mommy is encouraging him the whole time.

Perhaps Kano will live out his days as one of those dogs who can’t howl. I can empathize with him – even though I have been on this Earth for over 40 years, I still, to this day, cannot whistle. I have tried… my parents worked with me on it… my friends have attempted to teach me. I’ve even watched YouTube videos where they guarantee I will learn. It just doesn’t happen for me. Maybe Kano can teach me to whistle if I teach him to howl.

Despite his shortcomings as a howler, this is still one adorable dog. What do you think? Have you had a dog or cat that has come up short on doing something that should come naturally? Tell us all about it in the comments section and also “Like” us on Facebook.

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