Pit Bull Whose Disabled Meets Street Hound. Their First Meeting Left Me Grinning. Amazing.

The idea of a friend can be very ambiguous now-a-days. With the advent of social media, it can really be a confusing new thing to all those involved. Sometimes it may leave one feeling like less or more than they are. We are all adapting to those things together, it may be new, but the night and day is still too young to cast a well observed opinion. When it comes to dogs, they luckily don’t have to worry about social media. They have a bit of a different approach when it comes to making friends and being social. Whether it be at the park, while on a walk, or even in the case of one disabled Pitbull, on the streets.

It isn’t always easy to see that friendship is budding. When you go outside, you aren’t looking for friends, but you are keeping an eye out for enemies. We try to scan the world to make sure it’s a safe place for us to inhabit. Sometimes those that we think are threats aren’t threats- they are just curious friends who have no idea how to react to our presence. When it comes to these cases, it appears that most have a very different reaction. It’s a case by case basis. It’s not initially frightening, but we have our guard up. Yet when you see how a disabled Pit bull and a brand-new friend from the streets interact, I’m sure you’ll be falling over with how adorable it is!

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