Pit Bull’s reaction is absolutely priceless when she meets her new kitten sibling for the first time.

Meeting new people is usually pretty stressful, especially when that new person is going to be part of the family. We often ask ourselves questions like “are they going to like us?”, “am I going to like them?”, and “are we even going to get along?” We try so hard to anticipate the future, but it just seems so hard.

Now imagine what this moment must be like for our pets. For their entire lives, they have been the sole object of their owner’s love and affection. Now they begin to wonder how that will work once there is a new pet in the house. Inevitably, many pets get very jealous and throw a fit. Eventually, they learn that their owner still loves them just as much and just wanted to get them a friend.

SO, when this adorable pit bull was introduced to her new sibling, her owner wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since this sibling was a kitten. At first, she seemed confused and worried. The kitten even seemed quite scared. But then, suddenly, everything changed and the dog did something that showed she was absolutely in love with her new friend.

Enjoy this video of the first moments of a beautiful friendship between pets. Let us know what you think, and if you enjoyed this as much as we did, then be sure to share this with family and friends.