Groundhog Found Casually Enjoying A Slice of Pizza On Porch

As soon as the streets quieten down, the animals surrounding begin to experience a peak in their curiosity. This is exactly what a Philadelphia family found happening outside their home as a chilled, hungry groundhog munched down on a slice of pizza.

This Brewerytown, Philadelphia groundhog loves pizza so much that he’ll eat it on your front porch. Here he is seen finishing a slice while being stared down by a family’s dogs, but he’s not phased. Pizza groundhog found his favorite.

There are some rewards that outweigh the fear, and pizza is one of them for this cute critter. Either that, or he is really smart and well aware of the fact that he is enjoying a meal in safety with the dogs held at bay by the glass.

The look on this groundhog’s face is priceless. It’d be hard not to feed the little one on purpose when he is so overtaken with the enjoyment of his food that nothing can stop him from gobbling down his slice of pizza.