Pizza man’s devotion earns him a massive tip

So far 2021 hasn’t brought anything more than 2020 for most people. But Robert Peters’ life as a delivery guy has changed and eased.

Over the course of 31 years delivering pizzas, Robert Peters has grown in popularity in Tiptop. People know him as the always smiling delivery guy. He delivers more than a pizza.

Even though his family has persuaded him to be more ambitious and find a more financially stable job, he wanted to make people happy and bring joy along with pizza.

Robert has delivered pizzas in the old car of his mother. The car itself didn’t look as it had much more life left and it didn’t even look right for him to worry about it.

A thoughtful citizen decided to raise money to buy him a new car as a thankful gift. His goal was to raise $12,000 but instead raised over $16,000 for just 3 days.

Peters probably knew what was happening as they launched a GoFundMe for him. But he still couldn’t believe his eyes and felt as if it was surreal.

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Pizza man’s devotion earns him a massive tip