Plastic bags aren’t just for dog poop or trash. Here are many other uses for them at home

Paper or plastic? That’s a common question we all get asked. The ‘greener’ portion of the population will opt for paper. Plastic takes a very long time to break down in nature and keeps many living things like plants and trees from getting the nutrients they need. Once it goes down under the ground, the bag will block water and other nutrients.

If we add up all the plastic bags we use, we are talking about tons of them. If we want to take out the trash, what do we do? We buy even more plastic bags! One green alternative is reusing them. If you’re not using reusable grocery bags, you’ll notice how quickly those plastic shopping bags can add up. There’s no sense in tossing those extra garbage bags in the garbage. They just end up polluting our cities more.

The first use I can recommend is a dog or cat bed. All you need is an empty pillow-case and a bunch of plastic bags. Take the empty pillowcase and fill it up with plastic bags. After that, just sew the end shut or add a zipper if it doesn’t have one. The more bags you add, the firmer it will be. It will be a little noisy, but it is not like you are going to sleep on them, right?

The next tip is sealing a paint can. Has it ever happened that you seal a couple of cans of paint to use later, a few days later you decide to pick one up only to realize that you have just gotten paint on your favorite shirt? Worry no more. You can use a plastic bag to create a seal for the lid. Place the bag over the can and put the lid over it. After placing the lid, you will have created an air-tight seal that will also help you avoid getting paint crumbs inside the can of paint.

Next one is applying wax or polish. You can place a plastic bag over your hand. Tie the ends of the bags to your wrists, so you avoid getting any wax on your hands. Then, you just wax or polish away. You can apply the first and second hand of wax and then just add the finishing touches using a cloth.

These are just a few simple things you can start with. If you are ready to take on a more advanced use, click on the video to learn how to make a plarn mat or bed roll. Completely out of plastic bags! Are you ready?