Playful Apollo Gets Swallowed Up By Black Hole, The Bed Monster Strikes Again!

Cats are a curious bunch. When they deign to treat us with their regal presence, you know you’re in for a treat. Cats are creatures that do what they want to, when they want to. You won’t find them rushing to do your bidding like how dogs do, nope – that’s not their way at all. Almost like royalty, cats can be just SO adorable!

This video is so hilarious because of what happens during a normal session of fun with human parents and their black and white cat. Casually playing with a piece of ribbon, you can see Apollo reaching for it with his paws and trying to hold on to it. This scene continues for a while and it is amusing for sure, but when he goes to the side of the bed, nobody was prepared for what was going to happen!

He fell off the side of the bed into emptiness! I certainly didn’t think there was enough space for the cat to fit into the small gap by the side of the bed, but it seems I was very wrong. The cat has a really surprised expression on his face as well that just cracked me up. You can hear the human parents laughing at the incident and even peep by the side to see where the cat disappeared. I couldn’t see him, could you?

It almost seems like there is a black hole that exists in the side of the bed that works only with cats! I loved this video because of the simplicity of the moment and the pure surprise of getting lost in the gap. Did you watch the video? Do you have a story of your pet with something similar happening to them? Write to us and let us know! We love hearing your stories and opinions, the comment section below awaits you!

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