This Playful Dog Dug A Hole In The Sand… Watch What Came Crawling Out!

Every animal parent gives it their all when caring for their beloved pets who live with them. This includes giving their pooch the highest quality food and getting a regular bath and a haircut. Let’s not forget the visits to the vet for regular health check-ups to prevent anything that might go wrong. The list of things pet owners do to keep their beloved animals happy and healthy is practically endless. But every now and then, it’s just not enough.

It’s obvious every pet wants to be spoiled and loved unconditionally, not to mention the personal attention they crave. But as it is with humans, too much pampering and spoiling can lead to a pet misbehaving. Sure they form a bond with us because we love and care for them, but that doesn’t mean they always like us. At times it is important to be the disciplinarian and set your pet straight. But they don’t make it easy for us!

In the next video you will see what I mean. This pooch-parent is not having an easy time disciplining her dog. Sheila is a happy, playful pup and no stranger to discipline, but there’s no doubt that digging is her favorite pastime! You’ll see in the video during one of her digging expeditions that she finds a new and surprising best friend. I’m not going to tell you who it is. You’ll just have to watch and see for yourself.

Watch this precious animal bond in the video below.

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