A Playful Dog Ran Up To This Baby Horse After Grabbing A Towel. What Happens Next? HILARIOUS!

Dogs are big, playful goofballs. It doesn’t surprise me at the slightest when I see them parading all over the place spreading happiness. And they can make friends with just about anyone. Take this dog for example. I melted to the ground when I saw him get along so well with that baby horse!

This cute dog is having the time of his life playing tag with a rescued foal. At first, they engage in a tug of war, but after that the poor foal has to chase the lively dog all around the field! And they look so happy. Look at the wag of that dog’s tail! This is so very precious!

The dog looks like a Labrador retriever and he sure is full of energy, but he’s got nothing on this nurse mare! This nurse mare is a rescue and she looks ready to play and have some fun. There probably wasn’t any of that where she came from. She engages in a game of tug of war with the dog and his towel, but the dog doesn’t seem to want to share.

He walks around in circles while the horse follows, but then she finds her inner spunk and takes off running after him. She really wants that towel! They continue chasing each other and becoming fast friends. It’s so endearing to watch these two different species become friends for life.

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