Playful elephant frolics around in a giant sandbox

baby elephant playing around a giant sandbox

It is fun to see animals play. Like humans, they can run around, drag their feet clumsily and have fun in any environment. A young mammal is captured playing mindlessly.

A sweet baby elephant, Pymai, was all fun and joy. The cute little mammal dragged its toes sluggishly in the mud. It swayed side-by-side, pushing the mud like a child.

The baby elephant brings back memories of the Disney character, Dumbo. Well, it couldn’t fly, but it surely put up an enjoyable show. Its unsteady gait made it so adorable.

baby elephant playing around a giant sandbox

Still moving slowly, the young mammal proceeded from the mud play into a sandpile. It wobbled, wobbled, and stumbled upon the sandpile. It was like a mountain hike for the adorable tusker.

Regardless, it moved on clumsily. Pymai’s trunks swept across the sand like gentle sea waves. At the center of the sandy playground was a guardian.

She threw two handfuls of sand at the elephant. It caused Pymai to tumble down to the bottom of the pile. Two older elephants loitered around, wanting to join the fun.

Pymai couldn’t get enough. It rolled gleefully, enjoying a sand bath. The bigger elephants got closer but didn’t do much. It began to rain, making young Pymai happier.

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