These Precious Kittens Are Doing What Kittens Do Best: Being Adorably Cute!

These stealthy kittens are doing what stealthy kittens best do, play-fight like ninjas! In this adorably cute video, you can’t help but smile at the antics of the kittens. The music makes it that much more enjoyable so sit back and enjoy the show.

It seems like some of those kittens form teams and fight against each other, but of course, it’s all just fun and games at this tender age. They’re getting exercise and learning important socialization skills — who said school couldn’t be fun?

But by far the cutest moment in the video is at the end. This kitty is looking underneath the TV stand, and you don’t know why. It’s like he’s reaching for something and then suddenly his friends face pokes out from underneath.

Absolutely priceless!! Don’t forget to share the fun times with your friends!

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