They Were Playing Music In The Woods, And Then The Unthinkable Happened!

A figure that has inspired countless different images, stories, and symbols, the wolf is one of the most mystical and amazing animal species that mankind has ever known. Book authors, artists, and creators have based their entire content around them, and it’s not without any reason. After all, the reason we have dogs today is because wolves where one of the first species to be domesticated by humans, thousands of years ago.

You must already know that they’re incredible animals. They can be extremely loyal, and even friendly, but when the moment calls for it, they’re ruthless and deadly. Being fascinated with them, lots of people have drawn inspiration from them and created art with their image or idea. The video below features a folk band who visited a wolf sanctuary in Colorado to play in the woods, and were surprised by an unexpected spectator!

The duo integrated by Baker and Shawn was playing outside, amidst the trees, when all of a sudden, they heard the howling of wolves from far away, deeper in the forest. The wild wolves from the sanctuary were joining them in their song!

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