While He Was Playing Piano, An Elephant Sneaked Up On Him and Did THIS

Elephants are amazing creatures and they never cease to surprise us with their many talents and their ability to love and help each other. We also know that these gentle giants are very fond of music. How do we know this? Well, watch this video and you will see proof that they are. But, what would an elephant do if he was given a piano to play with? If you are curious as I was, then watch this video to find out.

These employees of an elephant sanctuary in Thailand knew that their elephants liked music, but were really interested to know how they would behave when listening to live music rather than recorded.

To satisfy their curiosity, they decided to set up a piano and started to play a beautiful piece of music for the elephant’s entertainment. To their surprise and mine too, one of these giants started to smile and move to the beat of the music, and that was not the end of his reaction.

He did something that left everyone grabbing for their cameras, and the elephant next to him is dancing quite the jig as we can see from his backside.

Watch this video to see this most enchanting reaction of an elephant to the music. This response is sure to melt your heart and leave you the brightest smile.


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While He Was Playing Piano, An Elephant Sneaked Up On Him and Did THIS