She Was Playing With Her Tiny Parrot. Now Watch What Happens When Another Parrots Joins In!

Lots of people prefer dogs and cats as their family pet, but some of us go for birds. Parrots are one of the most beloved choices amongst birds. These colorful creatures can entertain you for hours nonstop with their colorful language and impressive dancing skills. There are many species of parrots in the world. The video below features one of these species called the caiques.

Enzo is a black-headed caique, while his friend Isaac is a white-bellied caique. Both of them are adorable. But despite being tiny, these guys know how to play rough as well! Their big personalities often clash with each other, but all in good fun. They play a lot, and as you can see, it kind of looks aggressive sometimes, but they don’t mean any harm.

The owner of these cute parrots is playing with them, scratching their bellies and kind of encouraging them to be naughty. I’m not sure they need any encouragement though. Pretty soon they are rolling on the floor wrestling with each other. They are talking too, but I think it is a language all their own. The black-headed caique has also mastered a particular type of whistle I am sure you will all recognize.

This bird owner clearly loves her feathered companions and they are healthy and happy. With each other around for company, they certainly don’t appear to be bored.

Watch their play fights below! Did these two naughty parrots make you smile? Share what you think in the comments!

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