Plump rescue dog ages backward when she goes on a diet

Recently, Jimmy got a rescue dog, Squishy, who had weight issues. When he brought her, she weighed 59 pounds. First, the poor dog could only move slowly. Then, after 200 to 300 yards, she could not move.

She had complications with the joint, but Jimmy knew that she had to lose as much weight as possible. So, in the beginning, the two would go for a walk. But later, Squishy stopped walking.

Jimmy had to pick up Squishy and carry her back home when she couldn’t walk anymore. Then, the owner would wake up at 3 A.M in the morning and make her work out. They would go for runs 5 times a week. It was very exhausting for the dog at first.

Gradually, the owner increased the difficulty of the workout. Finally, however, he ensured that she did the stretching exercises. The reason for doing this was because Squishy’s life was sedentary for a long time, and he did not want any side effects.

Jimmy wanted to ensure Squishy’s joints could move where they were supposed to. The adorable dog kept getting better from there. She was apparently delighted when she could move freely around.

Squishy became happier and livelier. The owner ensured they followed a diet and avoided snacks as much as possible. They never got into a routine thing. They always tried to be better.

Squishy gradually went on long runs. Finally, after 3 years, the beautiful dog hit the 30 mark. On her 12th birthday, she reached her weight-loss goal and was now just 30 pounds. Jimmy was happy that he could help her. Now squishy was much better at socializing with other dogs and lived a happy life.

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Plump rescue dog ages backward when she goes on a diet